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Get More YouTube Subscribers? (Easy with watermark)

To maximize organic search on YouTube, the second-largest website in the world, getting more free YouTube subscribers is the way to go.

Easier said than done? There are many techniques available, but did you implement this one? Author Frederik Van Lierde • Sunday, April 11, 2021 • Impressions: 1,299
Get More YouTube Subscribers? (Easy with watermark)

Instead of asking your viewers to subscribe to your channel, which is not original anymore, everyone is doing it, use the Watermark technique.

Have you noticed some channels have a watermark? - At the bottom right of the video?
Often the watermark is the same image as the channel's profile picture. When the viewer clicks the watermark, the viewer gets the subscribe call-to-action.

But who clicks a profile picture while watching a video? What if you can change the watermark? Changing the watermark to a clear SUBSCRIBE call-to-action button?

Let's do it!

Before you start

You can use any logo, image as a watermark, we recommend you to use a bright red color, with a as-clear-as possible call-to-action text

You may also download for FREE the image we use:
Link to download the image (Free)

Step by Step Guide

  1. Click on your profile picture (right-top)
  2. Click on YOUTUBE STUDIO
  4. Click on the BRANDING tab
  5. Scroll down to VIDEO WATERMARK
  6. Click CHANGE and select the "subscribe" image
  7. Click PUBLISH (top right) Your viewers have now SUBSCRIBEcall-to-action!

What do you think, which watermark will be clicked more?
A: Your profile picture?
B: The Call-to-Action SUBSCRIBE?

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