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How to add a Shop Now Button to Your YouTube Channel

YouTube announced the Merchant Shelf - YouTube Store, but it is probably not for you!

Let's discuss the 2 issues and a solution you can start using instantly Author Frederik Van Lierde • Sunday, April 18, 2021 • Impressions: 3,625
How to add a Shop Now Button to Your YouTube Channel

YouTube announced the Merch Self, which allows eligible creators to showcase their merchandise on YouTube. The shelf appears on the channels' video page, and as YouTube stated, the shelf may not be shown on all video pages.

Here we have currently two issues with the great feature.

  1. Your channel has to be approved and monetized, meaning at least 1.000 subscribers and 4.000 watch hours.
  2. Even if you match all the requirements to have the Merch Shelf available on the video page, every video must fulfil additional requirements.
    Ex. Your viewer is not in a country or region where the merch self is available, even if you ship to that region.

Personally, I think this feature will become more accessible in the future and will go live worldwide. Meanwhile, you can have a link to your Online Shop. May it be your Shopify or Masha online shop or any other online platform you use.

The solution works with any channel and any video.
The solution is straightforward. YouTube allows you to add links to your profile. Those links are showcased under the About tab, AND you can add between 1 and 5 links to your Channel Cover Image.

This is where it gets interesting! Most of the channels add a link to their Instagram, their website. Remember, YouTube wants to keep your viewers as long as possible on their platform.

Guiding your viewers to another website is not profitable for your videos and your channel.

Why don't you use this important place to link to your webshop? If you guide them away from YouTube, at least you can make some money!


How to add a link to your YouTube Cover Image:

  1. Click on your profile picture (right-top)
  2. Click on YOUTUBE STUDIO
  4. Click on the BASIC INFO tab.
  5. Scroll down to LINKS
  6. Click ADD LINK
  7. Enter Title: SHOP NOW (preferable uppercase for better visibility)
  8. Enter the direct link to your webshop
  9. In case you have already other links, move the newly created link to the first place.
  10. Click PUBLISH (top right). Your viewers have now SHOP NOW call-to-action on your channel!