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How to become an expert in your industry by linking from any website to you

What if I tell you I found a simple solution to post more high-quality content without writing anything, using your competitors'/other creators' work legally. This sounds too good to be true? Let me explain. How to become an expert in your industry by linking from any website to you

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This article is not a paid promotion for I am using myself regularly, and it is a new format for my business blog to give my opinion on existing online tools and services to grow your business.

Why Content Marketing Is Important?

Content marketing is still very important. Content marketing builds loyalty and trust; content increases visibility and brand awareness, and if you measure correctly, content can give your insights into what really matters to your customers.

Authority persuation is a real thing!

The more authority you receive on a certainn subject, the better for yourself and your company.

Authority persuasion is a real thing. In early 1960, Yale professor Stanley Milgram asked ordinary people to deliver high. voltage electrical shots to a person. (In fact, the shots were harmless to other people)

The psychology lab looked like a real science lab, including white lab coats for the assistants, the use of language and more

Twenty-seven out of forty-one people, that is more than 67%, gave shocks up to what was told to be lethal.

Why? The test assistants uses authority and repeated over and over again that the responsibility for the outcomes resided solely with the experimenters, not the people who executed.

The experiment showed that people will defer to authority when it is presented to them in a certain way, under well-crafted conditions.

Goof for us, content creators, we don't need to give lethal shocks, but the results are what we want to reach. When we present ourselves in a well-crafted way as an expert, people will reside in our knowledge to fix their problems.

The Content Marketing Problem

We all know that content is king, but let's be honest. Only a few can create daily, weekly new content about our industry without falling into repetition.

High-quality content creation is a full-time job, researching topics, writing 1K words articles, optimising it for SEO and more.

And if you want to be seen as a leader inside your industry, you need to be consistent with delivering high-quality content.

The big platforms like LinkedIn, Quora, Medium, and Facebook, ... all those platforms want you to post more.
We have the feed the beasts

The Content Marketing Solution

Let me talk about a tool, a tool that enables you to share high-quality content from other creators, adding a link to your website but don't block the creators' revenue, statistics and recognition.

Let me give you an example:
One of my platforms is Web Stories Today, a YouTube for Web Stories, a format created by Google.

When Google For Creators posts about Web Stories, we don't rewrite the same content. We want people to read Google's content and click further to our website.
Click the following link, and you will visit the blog posts by Google For Creators Discover the best web stories online. Watch the overlay at the bottom providing a link to discover the best web stories online (which links to our platform) example

How cool is that!

Advantages of

What I like about is that when the user clicks your link, it brings the user to the original creator of the content, including the logo, ads, etc.

When you use (which is like an URL Shortener), you give full credit to the original creator (which we should always do!)

To become an authority, we don't need always more content, we need the right content to be seen by your readers and followers and is helping here.

Because the original website is loaded from the original web server or the creator, does not affect the Analytics, all pageviews and user activity is tracked and reported as normal traffic,

The same counts for Ads, the original creator does not lose any ad revenue, in fact, the original creator will generate more revenue if more people read the content

Disadvantages of

Because the original website is loaded inside an iframe, not all websites allow their website to be embedded, because they use the x-frame option to disallow.

The good news is that is now testing (in beta) a solution to show a Summary of the page with the extra link.

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