Frederik Van Lierde

Social Media Trends of 2024

Discover the hottest trends shaping the digital landscape in 2024, from the power of AI and short-form videos to the strategic play of platform focus. Unlock how to engage deeper, build stronger relationships, and drive growth. Social Media Trends of 2024
Social media marketing is always on the go, shifting and throwing up fresh ideas. Let's check out what social media might look like in 2024, figuring out how these changes can help businesses grow.

As we move through the twists and turns of social media in 2024, being flexible, real, and keeping our eyes on what our audience wants will be super important. By getting a grip on these upcoming trends and tweaking our game plan to fit, brands can get ready for deeper connections with their followers, creating strong bonds and driving steady growth online.

The Influence of AI in Marketing

Why we think AI is a game-changer: AI has been buzzing around the marketing scene, revolutionizing how we create content and analyze data.

In 2024, it's anticipated that AI will become an even bigger player, helping marketers to craft more targeted content, improve analytics, and upscale their social media efforts efficiently.

The real shift, though, will be in how we perceive content authenticity. The focus will lean more towards the value and engagement AI-generated content can bring to the audience, rather than if it was created by human hands.

Example: Jasper
Jasper (formerly Jarvis), the AI-driven platform which has been instrumental for content creators and marketers. Businesses using Jasper have seen significant improvements in content creation efficiency and engagement rates, highlighting AI's potential to transform social media strategies.

Short-Form Video's Continued Dominance

Despite the digital space becoming more crowded, short-form videos continue to capture the hearts and screens of users worldwide. With platforms like TikTok encouraging longer videos, the sweet spot remains within the 21 to 34 seconds range, blending brevity with creativity.

This trend underscores the importance of originality and the unique challenges and opportunities in standing out.

Take Duolingo, for example, whose TikTok account has become wildly popular for its humorous, educational content, setting a benchmark for how brands can effectively leverage short-form video to connect with their audience.

Strategic Platform Focus

As social media platforms evolve, so do user preferences and behaviors. The key for brands is not to stretch thin across all platforms but to identify where their audience is most active and engaged.

This strategic approach allows for more focused efforts, better use of resources, and ultimately, a stronger connection with potential customers.

Glossier, a beauty brand born online, has excelled by focusing its efforts on platforms where its target audience—millennials and Gen Z—spends their time, such as Instagram and YouTube. This focused approach has helped Glossier build a strong community and drive sales through engaging content and influencer collaborations.

Entertainment as a Key to Engagement

The disconnect between what brands post and what audiences seek on social media is glaring. People flock to these platforms looking for entertainment and relaxation, not hard sells.

In 2024, brands that pivot towards delivering entertaining, relatable content will likely see a significant boost in engagement and loyalty, even if it poses challenges in directly measuring ROI.

Netflix's social media strategy exemplifies how entertainment can drive brand success. By using humor, behind-the-scenes content, and interactive posts, Netflix keeps its audience engaged and talking about its shows, proving that entertainment can be a powerful tool for maintaining visibility and relevance on social media.

The Rise of Content Creators

The trust and relatability that content creators hold with their audiences are unparalleled. As people increasingly turn to social media for product recommendations and reviews, influencers bridge the gap between brands and consumers, offering authenticity that can't be matched by traditional marketing messages.

The Ordinary
The collaboration between the skincare brand, The Ordinary, and beauty influencers is a prime example. By leveraging honest reviews and tutorials from trusted voices in the beauty community, The Ordinary has significantly increased its brand awareness and customer base, showcasing the power of creator partnerships.

The Value of Shares Over Likes

In the quest for wider reach and genuine engagement, shares are emerging as the most valuable form of social media currency. Unlike likes or follows, which can be superficial or manipulated, shares indicate a deeper level of endorsement and connection with the content, amplifying reach and credibility.

The environmental advocacy group, Greenpeace, has seen campaigns go viral through the power of shares. Their strategic use of compelling content that resonates with their audience's values has not only spread their message further but has also mobilized action, illustrating the impactful role of shares in expanding reach and fostering community support.