Frederik Van Lierde

I Hacked My Brain & Stay Focused up to 6h

You probably heard about the idea we use only 10% of our brain? What if we can unlock 100% of our mind? Did you?

I will debunk this idea immediately. It's a myth. Fake news in words of today. We use our brain for 100%. You can find research online about these facts on Wikipedia and TedX talks.
I Hacked My Brain & Stay Focused up to 6h

All of us have 24h in a day, no exception. All of us have a good quality of IQ; If those parameters are the same for every normal person, something else had to be existing to jump out. That's my addiction, my fascination.

Don't Try This At Home

Before I continue, I have to add a small "Don't try this at home" warning to my speech. [*SMILE*] Whatever I will say next, is based on my research and experience. When you decide to follow my path, please consider to do some research yourself first.

As a kid...

As a kid, I was interested, and I still am, to push my limits. From extreme snowboarding to business, from coding AI to altering my brain.

I was obsessed with the fact some people are so much smarter, others so stupid and many in the middle. "What makes the difference and what can we do to become more successful, to reach the top?" stays permanently in my mind.

I am not only talking about business and money. I am talking about whatever goal you want to reach.

To reach the top, one thing that always comes back is to remove the distractions. To succeed, to be the top, we need to focus stronger and longer.

We can do sport and meditation, which takes time out of my 24h/day.

I am already reading many books to catch up with the latest ideas and solutions. I can't afford to reduce my working hours even more.

Not saying those techniques aren't working, I am in search of a new, faster way, a way to be able to do more in those 24h.

About two years ago

About two years ago, I read an article about engineers at Google and Facebook taking microdoses of LSD to become more creative. They called it the productivity hack. A microdose of LSD, as the article stated, gives you a jolt in creativity without the hallucinations.

I do love adventure. I do know where to get high-quality narcotics in Geneva, [*WAIT one second*] Some people are looking strange at me. I run a few businesses; I am married and have three kids that count on me. It seemed a bit too risky for me. How do you measure micrograms anyway?

I decided NOT to go into the LSD path. It did give me a push to continue researching because if LSD can give you a boost of creativity, there must be other ways as well.

Yes, there is another way. A drug created in the 1950s and some stories say it was used by the Sovjet Army to keep the troops more focused. The medication was the first drug to modulate cognitive function without causing sedation or stimulation. Those medications are called Nooptronics.

I found my path.

In my research, I came across Pramiracetam. Around 30x more effective and stronger than the drug developed in the 1950s. I take it now for almost two years. I do a period of 2 to 3 months, five days a week, 6 months nothing, 2 to 3 months, three times a week.

What does those Nooprtronics do?

Nooptronics keeps my brain young and very alert, which gives me an advantage towards the competitors of my age. I can focus up to 6h per day non-stop.

How does it work?

I will give the most straightforward and easy to understand explanation. Your brains exist of neurons, those neurons communicate with each other, and as we get older, the communication speed is slowing down. Pramiracetam, the medication I am using, keeps the speed up to date, or speed it up in a natural way.


I will continue my quest to alter my brain, to keep my mind young and dynamic, examples are pure nicotine shots or a combination of medications and meditation. I will tell more about it, if you are interested, in the speeches I have to give during my Toastmaster journey.

The result: I do more during the day; I have more time with my family and friends, be able to volunteer in some organisations, like Toastmasters, all within the 24h/ day like all of us.

To close down, I will leave you with a question. In today's world, changing the human body is still a taboo. We already accept pacemakers and hearing aid; we see beautiful videos of kids who get a new bionic arm or leg. All this we accept for people who had a disability in the first place. How do you feel about the idea healthy people use medication to alter their brain? Are you ready for the next phase of human development?