My Error Has Beaten The Google Algorythm

Thursday, November 5, 2020 📰  🎙️ 
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We all want high rankings on Google; we all want our business on Page 1 of the search results. This article/podcast/video will be relatively short, as I will explain to you about a grave mistake I made but gave me a big win in the end.

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The mistake was related when I was running alocal business, a beauty/spa business in Geneva, Switzerland.

Gift Cards are around 20% of the turn over if you do it right, so we created a beautiful, attractive new design to promote gift cards. We approved the design, we launched the printing, and I was happy and proud.

Finally, the gift cards arrived, and we opened the box. When we looked at the gift cards, we noticed we forgot to add our contact details. No website, no phone number, no address, nothing. Only our name.

There was no way I will start the process all over, to update the design, to print again. I didn't want to lose time & money.

I decided to launch the gift cards and not to print again

What started as a stupid error, the result wasn't that stupid. Instead, the effect was very positive.

Why did this error work?

As the receiver of the gift card didn't know how to contact us to make an appointment, they had to search on Google.

Once the person found our business in the search results, they clicked only on our link, to visit our website. The person stayed on our website to look at the pictures, to find out about our address and how to make an appointment.

We gave them no reason to leave and visit our competitor's website. The bounce rate did go down, and we got extra visitors. This is how Google's algorithm works. We got much higher-ranked for other people searching for similar businesses.

We got a severe SEO boost.

I still believe not reprinting was crazy and laughing about it, but it worked out very well.

Would you make the same decision, or would you reprint it?

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