Verify User Ownership of a Website with dotNet

When you have a service that users can use on their website, and you want to verify the site ownership.
Ownership verification means proving to your platform that the user owns a specific website. Ex. Google ask to verify your website when linking to Google Search Console

How To Verify site ownership?

Verify ownership of a site by uploading a special HTML file to a specific location on your site. This file is tied to a specific user.


The Code

Part 1: Create the verficatonCode

GetVerifyFileInfo() will return the information to create the file. The layout part is only to showcase what you can show to the user
using CodeHelper.Tools.VerifyWebsite;

WebSiteHelper _verifier = new() { WebsiteUrl = "" };
//-- Get the fileName, fileUrl and fileContent
var (verifyFileName, verifyFileUrl, verifyContent) = _verifier.GetVerifyFileInfo();

//-- Save the contentCode (which will be needed in the second part )
var _saveVerifyCode = _verifier.VerifyCode; //-- Save this code

//-- Layout (Use the variables to return the information to the user)
Console.WriteLine("Copy the html file to the root of your website");
Console.WriteLine("Filename: " + verifyFileName);
Console.WriteLine("Content: " + verifyContent);

Console.WriteLine($"Check that {verifyFileUrl} is accessible");
Console.WriteLine($"Click Verify WebSite");

Part 2: The user has copied the file to the root directory of the domain

_verifier = new() { WebsiteUrl = "", 
VerifyCode = _saveVerifyCode };
if (await _verifier.VerifyWebSite())
Console.WriteLine("Your website is verified"); //-- Your Next Code
Console.WriteLine("We could not verify your website");

Next (Roadmap)

  • Function to download the file directly.
  • Verification via meta tag
  • Verification via DNS
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