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Search Within a Certain Area with SQL Localizing your search query is important when you want to return local restaurants, your users want a restaurant in the area they are in, not on the other side of the town or country <br/> SQL Server has great support for that and let's dive into it.
Returning Multiple Values From a Class Method It is not rare for you to want to return several values from a class method, but you don't need the full class. The options available in older versions of C# are less than optimal:
How to Zip a directory with dotNet Ever seen an online platform allowing you to back up your work and let you download a Zip file? Shouldn't all platforms offer this ;)
Verify User Ownership of a Website with dotNet When you have a service that users can use on their website, and you want to verify the site ownership.
Adding Default Behaviour to Interfaces in dotNet A strange question you may think, as interfaces define a contract and every class (or struct) that implements that interface must provide an implementation of the member's methods.
Why Classes Should Be Sealed in .Net Explained The **sealed** keyword prevents coders from inherent your class. A **sealed** class can not be used as a base class.
IndexNow protocol with .Net IndexNow is an open source protocol, created by Microsoft, to get your website get indexed faster. The protocol is supported by Bing and Yandex and Google is testing it.
Calculating Article Reading Time in .Net Letting your readers know how much time it takes to read your content helps improve user experience.
How to Post a Tweet with Twitter API V2 The following posts shows an easy way to automate Tweets using the latest Twitter API V2
API with OAuth2 App Flow Made Easy in .NET When you look at the flow, it should be straight forward to implement, ... until you start implementing it for Apps.
Pin a Carousel to your twitter Profile Carousels are an engaging, exciting ad format, which grab attention. And now there is a way to use them for free, even to pin them on your Twitter profile.
Super Easy Way to Automate Posting on LinkedIn with .Net Including Business pages, Showcase Pages and Personal Account
Generic Methods with Generic Parameters in c# The challenge: Make a method to calculate the Min. Difference in a list of numbers.
Associating enums with strings in .Net Unfortunately, the way to read the names of the Enum members is limited and it returns only the Enum Member name, not the description.