What happened with the founders of YouTube ?

How did a missing Super Bowl clip inspire the creation of YouTube? From a simple dinner party question to a global video-sharing giant. Discover the story of YouTube's creation and how its founders are shaping the future of tech. What happened with the founders of YouTube

How YouTube Started

Back in 2005, three PayPal employees had a simple yet groundbreaking idea: create a platform where anyone could upload and share videos easily. This idea came to life because of a dinner party mishap.

Jawed Karim, one of the founders, couldn't find a video of Janet Jackson's infamous Super Bowl incident from 2004 and thought, "Why isn't there a place online to find this kind of video?"

Along with Steve Chen and Chad Hurley, Karim set out to fill this gap. They wanted to make a user-friendly site where video sharing wasn't just possible but was the main attraction. And so, YouTube was born, changing the internet and how we consume media forever.

Jawed Karim

Jawed Karim - Founder of YouTube Jawed Karim, the thinker behind YouTube's initial concept, has quite the intellect. Before YouTube, he was already showcasing his tech skills at PayPal.

After leaving YouTube, he continued his education, which says a lot about his passion for learning. Karim went on to earn a master's degree from Stanford University.

Not one to rest on his laurels, he's also dipped his toes into the investment world, backing startups that catch his eye. Today, he stays relatively out of the limelight, focusing on his ventures and educational pursuits.

Steve Chen

Jawed Karim - Founder of YouTube Steve Chen, another key player in the YouTube origin story, has continued to thrive in the tech scene. After YouTube's success, he didn't just sit back and relax.

Chen kept the innovation ball rolling, exploring new projects and startups. One of his notable ventures post-YouTube was launching the live streaming food network, Nom, which was a unique blend of his tech savvy and a personal interest in food.

Although Nom has since shut down, Chen's drive to explore and innovate hasn't waned. He's always on the lookout for the next big thing, pushing boundaries in the tech world.
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Chad Hurley

Jawed Karim - Founder of YouTube Chad Hurley, the design maestro among YouTube's trio, is responsable for the platform's user-friendly interface.

After YouTube, along with Steve Chen, he co-founded AVOS Systems, which aimed at improving online content sharing. He ventured into the sports apparel world with Hlaska, a brand that reflects his keen eye for design.

Like his co-founders, Hurley continues to explore and invest in new ideas, proving that the spirit of innovation doesn't fade.

When and How YouTube Was Sold to Google

YouTube was acquired by Google in November 2006, only a year and a half after its creation. The deal was monumental, valued at $1.65 billion in stock. This acquisition came at a time when YouTube was experiencing explosive growth in user base and video views, yet it was also facing significant challenges, especially concerning bandwidth costs and legal issues over copyrighted content.

The sale to Google was a strategic match made in tech heaven. Google had the resources and the technological infrastructure to support YouTube's rapid growth, not to mention the legal prowess to handle the copyright battles.

For YouTube's founders, the decision to sell was propelled by the recognition that teaming up with Google would provide YouTube with an unparalleled opportunity to scale and evolve, beyond what they could achieve independently.

This acquisition has become one of the most iconic tech deals of the 21st century, proving to be incredibly fruitful for both parties. Google's vast resources helped YouTube grow into the dominant video platform it is today, while the founders of YouTube were able to see their creation expand and flourish under Google's wing.


The story of YouTube and its founders is an example to how a simple idea can revolutionize the world. From a dinner party dilemma to a multi-billion dollar platform, YouTube's journey is nothing short of inspiring. Its founders, each with their unique strengths and visions, have moved on to new adventures, but their legacy at YouTube continues to impact us daily, showing that creativity and innovation have no bounds.