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The Secrets of ProductHunt: Maximizing Exposure and Success for Your Startup

ProductHunt, since its inception in 2013, has become a pivotal platform for startups, developers, and creators to launch their products.

Getting featured on ProductHunt can lead to exposure, user acquisition, and potential investments. Author Frederik Van Lierde • Saturday, October 21, 2023
The Secrets of ProductHunt: Maximizing Exposure and Success for Your Startup
However, success on this platform doesn't come by chance. Let's unravel the secrets to getting the most out of ProductHunt.

1. Timing is Everything

Choose your launch day wisely:
Most people recommend launching on a Tuesday or Wednesday as these days typically get the most traffic. Avoid weekends, as the platform sees a drop in activity.

Launch early:
The earlier you launch, the more time you have to accumulate upvotes throughout the day.

2. Preparation is Key

Build a community before the launch:
Engage with your potential audience on social media, email lists, and other platforms to let them know about your upcoming launch. This way, you'll have a group of supporters ready to upvote and comment on your product.

Create a captivating thumbnail and headline:
Your product's thumbnail and headline are the first things users will see. Ensure they are clear, compelling, and convey the value of your product.

3. Engage with the ProductHunt Community

Active participation:
Respond to comments, answer questions, and thank users for their feedback. This not only shows you're engaged but can also drive more attention to your product.

Collaborate with a hunter:
If you're new to ProductHunt, consider collaborating with an influential hunter (someone who frequently posts successful products). Their followers will get notified of your product, leading to more visibility.

4. Craft an Engaging Product Page

Video demos:
Showcasing a video demo can make your product stand out and give potential users a clearer understanding of what you're offering.

Utilize the first comment:
Your first comment on your product page is a chance to provide additional information, share your story, or offer special deals. Use it wisely.

5. Promote Outside of ProductHunt

Leverage your networks:
Share your ProductHunt page on social media, email newsletters, and other platforms.

Consider influencers:
If you have connections with influencers in your industry, ask them to share your product. Their endorsement can lead to a significant boost in visibility.

6. Learn and Iterate

Analyze feedback:
The ProductHunt community is known for its constructive feedback. Take it to heart and consider making improvements based on it.

Launch again:
If your product has significant updates or changes, don't hesitate to launch again on ProductHunt. This can get you in front of a new audience and show that you're dedicated to improvement.


Success on ProductHunt isn't just about having a great product; it's about understanding the platform, engaging with its community, and leveraging promotional strategies effectively. By internalizing these secrets and applying them, you can maximize the potential of your ProductHunt launch and set your product on the path to success.