Robots Making 1MM/month

How do you feel about the idea a company makes 1 million per month, and no staff is on the payroll, only robots? When I asked this during my speeches, I get answers like terrible, fraud etc. Robots Making 1MM/month

Let me start with a story

2,5 years ago, I woke and I couldn’t move. I was paralyzed. There was no way I could get out of my bed. No, I didn’t have an accident the evening before. I was paralyzed in my mind. I was sick of the idea I had to go to my clients I was consulting.

Did you have such a feeling before?

That morning I took a decision. I quit! Yes, finished, Basta, no more consulting. As a consultant, I was making good money. So my solution was to take some time off and write a book.

The Title: “The company that makes 1 million/month, run by robots only.”

I finished my contracts and started writing my book. After a few days, I stopped. Why would I write a fiction book? I am not a fiction guy.

Why would people take my book serious? It would be my first book, to write a book on AI, robots, the future of companies on the Level of Da Vinci Code would be challenging and chances of success very low. One must stay realistic.

I decided that to become successful with my book; I need to proof it.

Instead of continuing writing my fiction book, I started to write my business plan and the vision of a new company.

That day, was born. The vision: creating a company with a turnover of 1million/month with robots, reducing the human impact on business. Reducing business impact on humans. A company where robots will serve humans to create a fun world.

Sidenote, during my speeches, I see some people looking and thinking “What the hack…:”

Where do we stand? Are we already 100% robots only?

No, we do have staff. 2 full-time people and several people around the world for specific tasks.

And we currently have Masha, Jessie, Bridget and Robert as robots. All of them have a specific role like Sales, Customer service, IT etc.

Robots tasks already overtook the daily human tasks. But humans are still overlooking the robots. (Robots are not fixing mistakes of the other robots yet)

Legal issue!

Robots can’t run a company legally. Until today, a human stays responsible. A notary will not accept a robot to sign the initial papers. Neither will a chamber of commerce accept a robot as the legal representative of a company

What will happen to profits?

When robots run a company independently, why do they need profits? And if profits are generated, what will happen with them?

As stated in the previous points, we still have stakeholders, like employees and shareholders. Currently, when generating profits, part of it will go back to them, just like a typical company. Another portion will go to pay taxes. (yes, we are not against paying taxes.

BUT, when we succeed in our initial vision, we can use Robots to help allocate profit to other humanized projects. A human can’t stay at home watching Netflix all day long. (I have nothing against Netflix, you know what I mean) Humans don’t want that. And in our vision, robot-run companies can create more meaningful activities for human than current jobs.

Is making 1million/month?

No, we are, writing today, not there yet. I still believe we can make by the end of the year.


When we look around, the transformation has already started, but we still have to solve many issues. Maybe a 100% controlled company is not for the direct future, only by looking at the legal part

We also have to look at the humans. What will we do with our free time? Is universal income a solution? A Robot tax?

These subjects + process on the vision will be discussed in the future articles, as part of my series.

I will not stop working on my vision; I will keep you updated on the progress, how we solved non-technical issues in the next articles.