Frederik Van Lierde

The Importance of Storytelling in Online Sales + Solution

Some people are convinced they can't sell a new product. Then, the next day, another person does just that.

Let's discuss the 5 reasons why Storytelling in sales is important and I will explain how you can use Storytelling online.
The Importance of Storytelling in Online Sales + Solution
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#1 Retention

Stories capture your audience's attention and build trust and rapport with your prospects

The period of human attention is around 8-10 seconds, and according to a Stanford study, stories are up to 22X more memorable than facts and figures alone.

Telling a story instead of the basic one-liners tagline leaves you with better chances of the customer remembering you.

#2 Invoke Emotions

A salesperson should make the prospect understand they relate to their problems.

A salesperson should be more than a person just selling the great features the product has to offer. Instead, a salesperson should make the prospect understand he/she is related to their problems.

The story by itself doesn't matter… it's the emotion the story creates that matters.

A person engaging using storytelling is more likely to close the deal.

#3 Build Trust

Faster sales come from having a deep understanding of your customer needs.

After creating an environment for your customer using stories, which captivates more than the need to close the deal, the prospect will begin to trust you.

This trust will flatten the path to close the deal. Faster sales come easier when a prospect trusts you.

#4 Makes the boring stuff compelling

Often our products are not as hot & sexy as Apple or Tesla. Sometimes a hammer is just a hammer

Case studies explaining how your solution has been helping a particular customer by showcasing pure industry stats are boring

No one really read them.

However, if you blend the same content with a story, it suddenly becomes much more compelling to your target audience.

#5 Influence Decision

Every salesperson goal is to close a deal.

By blending your product/services into your stories, making the story relevant to the prospects' situation, will help influence their buying decision to a great extent.

Paint an image of how your products will deliver benefits in their mind using your stories

How to storytell online?

Reaching new potential customers without talking to them is every salesperson's dream

The thought of having thousands or even millions of people viewing your products or services is fantastic, and it can take your brand to new heights.

Like everyone else, you have only 24h/day.

You need to create appealing stories for the internet, stories that make a connection, and shareable stories.

Instagram, Facebook, Linked In, Twitter, TikTok Stories can go viral for a very short time.

To be successful, you need to have stories that stay forever.


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