Frederik Van Lierde

Curiosity for Business Success

Curiosity might just be the secret that gives entrepreneurs an edge. Think about it: the business world is constantly moving and the winners are the ones who keep asking, "What's next?" and "Why not?" This drive to explore and understand is what we call curiosity, and it's priceless for anyone looking to innovate and lead in their field. Curiosity for Business Success

The nudge that moves new inventions forward

To start, being curious is what drives new ideas. Entrepreneurs with a curious streak are constantly looking for better ways to fix issues.

They don't just go with the first idea that pops into their head.

Learning as a Lifelong Journey

The only constant in the start-up scene is change. New gadgets and the latest buzz are around every corner, just waiting to be explored.

The trick to staying ahead in this game? Keep that fire of curiosity burning. It's about adapting on the fly and soaking up new info like a sponge to ensure you're always upfront.

It's not the paper credentials that count. What truly differentiate the movers and shakers is their deep-rooted passion to explore further, grasp the nitty-gritty, and stretch the limits. That's the real game changer. It's about being driven by a passion, not to keep up but to stand out , innovate, and lead.

Building Better Connections

When entrepreneurs show real interest in others—be it customers, partners, or team members—they build stronger, more meaningful relationships.

This interest will uncover insights and opportunities that might have otherwise been missed. People are drawn to those who show real interest in their thoughts and experiences, creating a solid foundation for collaboration.

Moving Past Uncertainty with Certainty

ot knowing what's next is part of the deal. Founders who love to explore actually find this unpredictability exciting, not something that stops them in their path.

Their eagerness to learn and get to the bottom of things arms them with the courage to sail into unknown territories. These entrepreneurs are flexible, always prepared to pivot if needed, and can transform what might look like obstacles into chances for growth.

Curiosity is a powerful motivator

The excitement of finding something new or cracking a difficult challenge is what keeps founders going, even when things get rough. This energy and love for what they do is usually what pushes their businesses to succeed. It's this enthusiasm and passion that often drives the success of their ventures. One of my personal strategies for keeping my curiosity alive is quite simple: I make it a point to walk to my customers and the office.

This isn't just a daily routine; it's an opportunity to observe and analyze the businesses I pass by. I take a keen interest in seeing what they're doing to attract new customers and wonder over why their strategies are effective.

And, of course, it's a bonus that it keeps me active. This habit has provided me with countless ideas and inspirations over the 25 years in business.


Curiosity is the base for innovation, curiosity is what keeps you learning, and what helps you make real connections. It's how you see a problem and think, "There's an opportunity here," and it's what keeps you going, even when things get tough.

If you're starting your own start-up, make curiosity your best friend. Be that person who's always asking questions, looking for new experiences, and for what's next. You never know where curiosity might take you.