5 Errors Businesses Make With Gift Cards

Monday, February 8, 2021 📰  🎙️ 
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Gift cards are a goldmine if you implement them correctly. If you're committing any of the following mistakes in your business, do something ASAP.

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In my previous life, was running a local business, I understand the importance that gift cards have played to the success. At one moment, the gift cards reach 27% of the business monthly Turn Over. In this episode, I will explain to you some errors local businesses make when offering gift cards.


Handing out cards without so much as a cardholder or pouch can be a letdown. It takes away the "gift" from gift cards, and it doesn't encourage repeat purchases. Please make your gift cards more presentable by putting them in a box, pouch, or simple cardholder. If you want to take things a step further, attach a bow on each card or put it in a small paper bag


While holidays and special events are the most popular times for buying gift cards, you shouldn't wait until these busy shopping seasons to offer them.

  • Implement gift cards well before the holidays arrive. Make it part of the daily products/services you sell.
  • Add in your email signature a link to your gift cards. Your customers don't need a gift card on a daily base, make sure they have the link in front of them when they need 1.
  • Gift cards are perfect for birthdays, talk about it to your existing customers, so they know!


You can't just offer gift cards and expect customers to flock to your store to buy them suddenly. As with any initiative, you need to invest the time and resources, putting your gift card program out there. Do a search on Google for "massage gift card in London", and you will see no local business is shown, only platforms like Groupon, Truly, Virgin Experience Days.

They all make sure customers come back to them (and not you) by cutting a big % of your profit.

  • Spend a bit of money and effort in spreading the word about your gift card program.
  • Use your social media to remind your followers regularly.


Online: I see too many websites adding their gift cards place under their online shop. It's also tricky to find. Place Gift cards visible on every page in the main menu.

Offline: place an information board next to the cash registry (there is a good reason why the big shopping malls places gift cards next to the cash registry), at a cool board in the lounge area of your business and the changing room, I even had a panel inside the restrooms.


Probably the most effective solution: Get smart with loyalty on your vouchers. When you have a loyalty program, add the gift card to both the buyer and the receiver. This works like magic with viral effect because not only is the buyer incentivized to come back and get a reduction on future gift voucher purchases for other friends or family members, but the person they bought the voucher for is likely to do the same, for their friends/family, and so on…and so on…

Add in the comments how creative you are promoting your gift cards!"

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